Norwegian Skrei

Also known as the Norwegian Miracle. Discover how an epic swim through Arctic waters transforms cod into a true seasonal delicacy…


Skrei is a carefully selected product and it must meet the strict Skrei Quality standards. The third party Skrei Quality team conducts controls throughout  the Skrei season from January to April. All companies must comply with standards to be able to pack and use the ‘Skrei’ mark.

Origin is everything: Skrei must be caught in the traditional spawning grounds near Norway’s northern coast

Exclusive timeframe: Between January and April

Pristine condition: Must be immaculate – no nicks, bruises or damage

Processed with care: To guarantee the highest quality it must be packed and processed in accordance with strict criteria and stored between 0-2°C within 12 hours from catching.

MSC certified: Putting the sustainability of our stocks first


Nutritional value of skrei

(g / 100g)
(g / 100g)
(g / 100g)
Fillet / Slice 0.3 <0.1 18
Roe 1.7 0 24.3
Liver 60.3 0.7 6.2

Norway has a long and proud seafaring heritage stretching back thousands of years, and its people have rightly earned a reputation for harvesting some of the finest seafood in the world. But every winter, a miracle happens off Norway’s northern reaches, which gives its fishing communities – and seafood lovers everywhere – particular cause for celebration.


Between January and April, Skrei returns from the Barents Sea to its spawning grounds. It’s a long and epic journey through tough waters that yields amazingly succulent and flavoursome white flesh. It’s an incredible product that, when cooked with care, will delight your dinner guests. This is Norwegian cod at its very best.


What makes Skrei so unique?

Skrei is a special fish because its flesh is beautifully white, light and lean. Thanks to its long swim in crystal clear waters, it has firm flakes and a clean, delicate and silky smooth flavour.


The Norwegian Miracle

The arrival of Skrei each year enabled Norwegians to live in the northern territories where other food sources were scarce. For this reason it's known affectionately as the "Norwegian Miracle". It's also known as the "Valentine's Fish", because it spends its entire life preparing for its long journey to breeding grounds.


Preparing Skrei

Skrei is such a versatile ingredient. It can be prepared in brine, fried, baked, poached or cooked in a shallow broth. However, this fish has had been on an incredible journey before it reaches your kitchen – so don’t over cook it! Your portion is ready to eat when its core temperature reaches 38°C.