Brain Booster

 Fish consumption stimulates brain activity and can even improve your long-term memory. Find out more…

Who would have thought that eating fish could stimulate brain activity! Not only does it improve your long-term memory, but it can also help your working memory and even help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.


Making the connection

Our brain consists of 60% fat, which is mostly in the form of DHA. Eating seafood contributes to maintaining the DHA levels, which in turn protects the health of the brain tissue. Omega-3 fatty acids can even help brain cells to connect more quickly, increasing neuronal conduction - effectively optimising our brain.

The antioxidants present in seafood contribute to hydration of the brain, another key factor in brain health.


Keep your brain young

Studies in older, healthy people show a correlation between the consumption of fresh fish and the volume of grey matter in the hippocampus - the brain region linked to memory and cognition. It was also shown that omega-3 fatty acids boost the connections between brain cells, enhancing our ability to learn.

DHA fatty acids in seafood do appear to slow or prevent the onset of dementia symptoms in the elderly, who often suffer from mental deterioration, such as memory loss.


Good for mental health too

Several recent studies have concerned the impact of seafood on brain health and for managing the effects of depression. Seafood contains EPA acids, which can help to fight against mental disorders, such as depression, bipolar, chronic fatigue or schizophrenia.