Fjord Trout Product Information

Fjord Trout Product Information

Norwegian Fjord Trout is often confused with other red fish species, but it is distinguishable in many ways

1. Size

Norwegian Fjord Trout is similar to salmon in size, but is generally a bit smaller and mainly available in sizes between 2-5kg. It differs from the European river and dam trouts, where approximately 30% is sold in sizes between 300-800g, and about 40% in sizes from 800g-1.2kg.

2. Colour

Norwegian Fjord Trout is known for its deep red-orange colour that, together with the white marbling, give its fillets a luxurious feel. The colour of the flesh mainly lies between 29 and 32 on the SalmoFanTM colour scale – a stronger redness than most salmonids. The skin of the Fjord Trout is similar to salmon, with a lustrous and silvery colour.

3. Meat structure

The flesh of Norwegian Fjord Trout has a healthy sheen and is firm, yet tender and mellow, giving it an excellent mouth feel. Trout has a denser and firmer meat structure than other red fish and compared to salmon, Norwegian Fjord Trout has a more round shape and therefore the fillets are higher. The fat distribution and fat content varies amongst different types of red fish. Trout mainly stores fat in the abdomen which makes it easy to cut away, while salmon stores fat between the muscle fibres. Norwegian Fjord Trout have fewer bones than European river and dam trout, and the bones are also easier to remove.

4. Fjord Trout is available according to your preferences:

  • Whole

  • Portion fillet

  • Side fillet

  • Fresh

  • Deep-frozen

  • Cured

  • Smoked