Enjoying Fish as Nature Intended

How strict quality controls maintain what nature provides, from fjord to fork…

With proper care and the correct procedures in place, fish should remain fresh for around 10 days after it has been caught. If you’re buying seafood from Norway, your fishmonger/retailer should be able to give you information on the species, where and when it was caught, and how it was produced. You might also be interested to know whether you’re choosing farmed or wild fish, or whether your fish has come from the sea or a fjord.


Fresh fish that has been handled properly looks better, tastes better and smells better. In order to bring you fish of an exceptional quality, Norwegian producers follow strict quality control procedures from catch to counter:

  1. Fish should be sorted to maintain high quality standards
  2. Handling of the fish should be kept to an absolute minimum
  3. The cold chain must remain unbroken
  4. Refrigerated counters should keep the fish fresh until it’s sold

These standards must be upheld to protect our health when eating seafood.


Quality checks

When choosing a fish, try to evaluate its quality by observing consistency, smell and shine – these are signs that your fish has been well taken care of.


Choose your moment

If you select your fish at the end of your shop, it will reduce the amount of time that the fish is out of the cold chain.

For more information about the different species of fish available from Norway, please consult our species guide.