About Us

About Us

Who we are

Geographically, Norway is one long coastline. So it’s no surprise that we’re a fishing nation. It’s in our genes after all; plenty of our fathers and their fathers before them made their living at sea, and as children we grow up eating it. At the Norwegian Seafood Council, our job is to tell this story – and why it makes our seafood the best in the world – around the world.

Where we work

Our head office is located in Tromsø in northern Norway and we have offices around the world in London, Stockholm, Hamburg, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Milan, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing and Boston.

We focus our work on three main areas:


Our marketing work is aimed at increasing demand for Norwegian Seafood. We often support our exporters’ own sales efforts, and get involved in joint market activities together with partners within the Norwegian Seafood industry.

Each year, we implement some 500 marketing projects in 25 different countries, all aimed at increasing demand for, and consumption of, our seafood. All our marketing uses a smart combination of marketing analysis, local knowledge, brand-building, new media and PR.

Market insight

We continually monitor trends and developments in global seafood sales in general, but with a special focus on Norwegian seafood. Each month, we distribute statistics relating to Norwegian seafood exports.

In addition, we hold the latest data on import quotas, tariff rates and trade conditions in the various markets. Based on this insight, we can then advise Norwegian exporters on current trade conditions.

We share this market information with the Norwegian seafood industry and the Norwegian authorities in order to provide the basis for good, reliable decision-making.

Communicating and reputation-building

We actively plan, fund and deliver corporate communication, press grants, press travel and PR activities - all aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of our seafood and its role in our country.

We are constantly safeguarding and strengthening the image of our industry. We’re always ready to contribute to the debate with accurate, updated information about our seafood, our industry and what we do as the NSC.

How we are structured

We are financed by the Norwegian seafood industry through fees levied on all seafood exports. NSC is a public company owned by the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs. The General Assembly is formed by the Minister for Fisheries and Coastal Affairs, who appoints the Board of Directors for a period of two years at a time.