Ghastly Norwegian halibut ghosts

Ghastly Norwegian halibut ghosts

These ghoulish ghosts are so devilishly delicious you'll be fighting people off...!

Difficulty Very easy
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  • Prepare, if you dare, the sushi rice as per the packet.

  • With a zombie-killing knife, very carefully, cut a few thin slices of Norwegian halibut sashimi-style¬†into squares (approx. 10cm) and place on a piece of cling film.

  • With your pre-prepared sushi rice, take a small amount in your hands and roll in your hands to be ghost-shaped mounds.

  • The rice balls should be approx. 5cm tall.¬†

  • Place the rice mound onto the Norwegian halibut squares.

  • Collect all four corners and roll until the Norwegian halibut covers the rice entirely.

  • Carefully remove the cling film like unwrapping an ancient mummy from it's bandages.

  • With your zombie-killing knife again, cut the nori sheet into small triangles for eyes.

  • Wipe your hands to leave no trace of fingerprints.

  • Exit the scene.