Norwegian SKREI® glazed in a whisky teriyaki

Norwegian Skrei glazed in a whisky teriyaki

Difficulty Medium
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  1. Put the honey and sugar in a large pan and cook until caramelized, then pour on the Mirin and whisky, bring to the boil and simmer for 5mins, take off the heat and add the chopped chilli, ginger and soy sauce, once completely cooled strain.

  2. Trim and pin bone the cod fillet then marinate in the Teriyaki for one hour.

  3. Drain and place in a tray with some of the marinade, put this under a grill and baste often with the bubbling marinade. You may need to top up.

  4. The fish should take about 15-20mins to cook through and be glazed.

  5. Serve with very fine “spaghetti” of white turnip lightly cooked and dressed with some of the marinade and sesame oil.

  6. Grilled vegetables basted with the Teriyaki such as mushrooms, courgettes.