Smokey Pan Fried Norwegian Cod with Avocado Toast

Smokey Pan Fried Norwegian Cod with Avocado Toast

Chipotle paste adds a hot smokiness to the fish that is the perfect match for avocado and makes a delicious brunch dish.  You could add a poached egg if you fancy.

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  1. Brush the cod with the chipotle sauce.  Melt the oil in a heavy based pan until hot.  Add the cod, skin side down, and cook for around 2 minutes until crispy then flip it over and cook the top until the fish just flakes but is cooked through – this will depend on how thick your fish is.
  2. Toast the sour dough and roughly mash the avocado on top. Place the cod on the toast, sprinkle with salt and pepper and serve with the chilli sauce.


Cook’s Tip

If you don’t fancy the sriracha chilli which is a hot and tangy sauce serve with a squeeze of lime juice.