Norwegian King crab, lovage emulsion and onion ash

Norwegian King crab, lovage emulsion and onion ash

Tasty starter for the summertime.

Difficulty Easy
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Steam the king crab leg for 8 minutes if raw and immediately place into an ice bath. If precooked allow to defrost naturally do not run under water. Using scissors open up the shell cutting down to keep the meat intact. Cut the pieces of meat into 4cm long medallions. Set aside.

To make the emulsion place the eggs whole into boiling water and allow to cook for 5 minutes and 20 seconds , place into iced water and allow to cool completely. Peel and set aside, the egg should be runny still. Too make the oil place the lovage leaf and oil together into a thermomix and blend on speed 5 at 80c for 8-10 minutes, the oil should be bright green, allow to pass through muslin.

Once oil is passed using a bamix hand blender, blend the eggs and slowly add the oil to form an emulsion, add oil until thick like mayo, season and set aside.

Too make the onion ash, very thinly slice a sweet onion and place onto greaseproof paper , place into a oven at 220c until completely black , allow to cool and then place into a thermomix with equal malto dextrin and a little icing sugar to sweeten, blend and pass, put into sugar shaker.


To serve, put a squirt of lovage emulsion onto the crab medallion and then dust with a little onion ash,  use a nice bamboo skewer to serve from the serving platter.