Norwegian Prawn, Kohlrabi, apple and lemon with Nepalese pepper

Norwegian Prawn, Kohlrabi, apple and lemon with Nepalese pepper

Delicious prawn appetizer - perfect for the summer season.

Difficulty Medium
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Using a meat slicer finely slice the kohlrabi, place into iced water. Use a 55mm cutter , cut out discs from the kohlrabi and return to the iced water.

Using half the apples turn into a apple fine apple puree that’s thick enough to be piped into dots.

The other half of the apples dice into 0.5cm dice set aside in iced lemon water to prevent oxidisation.

Using a veg peeler peel the skin off the lemon and remove the white pith, julienne the skin, bring a pan of water to the boil and blanch the lemon zest 3 times in different water. Make a gastric stock syrup with the vinegar and sugar and some water, dice the zest finely then marinade the zest in this gastric.

Make sure all the prawns are peeled and any internal tubes are removed or cleaned out, cut the prawn into 3 .

Too serve.  Take a chilled disc of kohlrabi and place the prawns in the centre, add some diced apple and lemon zest , pipe a few dots of puree and sprinkle with a very small amount of the Nepalese pepper, fold the kohlrabi over to make a half parcel and serve like a taco using a tray with ridges in it so it stands up and easy for the guest to pick up.