Roasted fillet of Skrei, smoked leeks, confit chicken wings, maitake mushrooms

Roasted fillet of Skrei, smoked leeks, confit chicken wings, maitake mushrooms

Simon Hulstone
Simon Hulstone
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Chicken wing confit

Remove both the tip and the small drumstick from each end of the wing leaving only the two bone winglet. In a deep tray place the winglets with the vegetable oil and garlic and thyme and cook for 45 minutes 150c. Once cooked remove carefully from the oil and allow to cool enough to handle. Using your fingers gently pull the bones out retaining the shape of the wing without damaging it. Allow to cool.

Green oil

Blend the chives with the olive oil until totally blended, pass through a sieve and retain the green n oil.

Chicken stock

Using the brown chicken stock reduce by two thirds and season to taste.


Wash and trim the leeks making sure to remove all grit. Cut into 1cm thick rings and blanch for 1 minute, refresh and dry off onto a towel, using a smoking gun smoke the leeks for 1 hour and set aside.


In a non-stick pan, season and cook the skrei skin side down, allow the skin to crispen, once three quarters cooked add the maitake mushrooms to the pan and sauté with the skrei. Reheat the leeks, cut the chicken wings in half and cook in a non-stick pan skin side down until crispy and hot throughout, warm up the chicken stock.

To serve

In a bowl place the cooked skrei in the centre skin side up, put the leeks per plate around with a piece of chicken wing on top of each, in between place three mushrooms and then drizzle the chicken stock into the bowl, finish with a few drops off the chive oil add serve immediately .