Norwegian fishing industry gifts UK fish and chips shops 16 tonnes of cod to celebrate Norway day

Norwegian fishing industry gifts UK fish and chips shops 16 tonnes of cod to celebrate Norway day

The Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) and a number of Norwegian Frozen At Sea fishing vessels have come together to launch a UK-first partnership that will see 99 fish and chip shops offer their customers a portion of their favourite takeaway for just 99p to celebrate Norway Day. 

The NSC has teamed up with Norwegian vessels including the Ramoen, Atlantic, Andenesfisk, Geir, Frøyanes and Granit, many of which have been exporting cod and haddock to the UK market for more than 50 years, to support this historic initiative. Together, the vessels have gifted an enormous 16 tonnes of sustainably caught Norwegian cod to 99 British fish fryers to commemorate the 200 year anniversary of the country’s constitution (this is known as Norway Day), and to share the sustainable cod which is available in abundance in Norway’s Barents Sea.


This gift will enable the 99 stores to serve up to nearly 40,000 99p portions nationwide. All participating fish and chip shops will soon be listed online on (due to go live end-April).


The UK is Norway’s biggest trade partner across all industries, and has always been an important market in the export of cod and haddock. Fish and chips is the UK’s favourite takeaway and Norwegian whitefish is a popular choice for British fish and chip shops - the vast majority of cod used by these shops is caught all year round in the cold, clear waters of the Barents Sea.


Jack-Robert Møller, UK Director for the NSC, comments: “Norway has been an important contributor to the UK’s fish and chip industry providing high quality fish for this celebrated national dish for nearly 70 years and I would like to thank all our Norwegian partners for supporting this project – their contribution has been invaluable. The UK is the world’s biggest market for cod and Norway has been a very important trade partner and we are so pleased that because of the abundance of cod in Norway, that we are able to give the gift of this fish to UK consumers to celebrate our historic Norway Day.”


Norway exported a healthy 17,348 tonnes of sustainably caught cod to the UK in 2013 to satisfy Brits’ hunger for tasty fish dishes and this campaign has been brought together by the NSC and important Norwegian suppliers to the UK fish and chip industry to raise awareness of the availability of Norwegian Frozen At Sea cod to British fish and chip shops.

Jack-Robert Møller adds: “By telling the story of sustainable cod from Norway and helping to promote fish and chips through these 99 shops, we would hope that everyone is reminded of the importance of this dish as part of the British culture. We are looking forward to seeing how each store will benefit from being part of this campaign, as we celebrate their fantastic food, and put them and their customers in the spotlight. As a partner to them and their business, we hope it will help drive new customers to try Norwegian cod for the first time, and hopefully they will keep coming back for more.”



For a list of fish and chip shops participating in the Norway Day celebrations please visit (Notes to editor: website to go live around the end of April)

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Norwegian cod and haddock are widely available from fish and chip shops around the country.