Norwegian Seafood Council announces ground-breaking plan for a union of top fish & chip Ambassadors in 2015

Norwegian Seafood Council announces ground-breaking plan for a union of top fish & chip Ambassadors in 2015

The Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) today announced its plan to unite 100 of the UK’s finest fish & chips shops in a pioneering new network called Union Norge. The network will celebrate these successful businesses, unified by a passion for high quality, sustainable frozen-at-sea cod and haddock, and will drive footfall for its members through an integrated marketing campaign.

Announced at The Norwegian Seafood Council’s Frozen-At-Sea 2015 conference by UK Director Jack-Robert Møller, the programme will hand-pick 100 chippies based on their excellent food, sustainability credentials, first-rate venues and commitment to serving fantastic fish & chips to their customers.

The 2015 marketing campaign aims to promote the selected chippies through a high-profile, national programme of activity, involving retail activation and PR. It will also build supply chain transparency by connecting the diner to the fishermen and add value through shared expertise between its members.

Following the launch of Union Norge, fish & chip lovers will have an instantly recognisable symbol to show quality and environmental commitment from shop members in the network. Consumers will also be rewarded for returning to shops within the Norge Network, with gifts available for repeat purchases.

The activity follows on from the success of the NSC’s 99p promotion in May 2014, where 99 fish & chips shops around the country offered portions for 99p in the first campaign of its kind. 83 per cent of shops involved experienced an increase in customers on the day and over seven million people in the UK were reached thanks to excellent media coverage.

Cod is the UK’s favourite fish, and Norway’s cold, clear waters are home to the world’s largest and most abundant supply of this much loved fish. Norwegian cod and haddock are frozen-at-sea on board some of the finest fishing vessels, to lock in arctic freshness until it reaches the fryer.

NSC UK Director Jack-Robert Møller comments: “It’s very exciting for us to be at the start of a campaign which we hope will strengthen the fish & chip category by connecting like-minded retailers within the industry, rewarding them for the freshness and quality of the seafood they serve.

“We have been supplying the UK fish and chip industry with high quality cod and haddock from the cold clear waters of Norway for over 50 years, and we hope that Union Norge will give us the chance to reward some of our favourite chippies with a campaign that will grow their businesses too.”

To find out whether you can sign up for Union Norge, contact your distributor directly. For more information about the NSC visit: