Sustainable Haddock

Keep Haddock On The Menu

There are plenty more fish in our seas.

Haddock’s been in the news recently. But, thanks to Norway’s scientifically managed fisheries, haddock stocks remain abundant in Norway’s cold, clear waters. Which means there’s every reason to keep superb Norwegian haddock on the menu.

Three fishing areas in the North Sea have seen haddock sustainability downgraded after a fall in stocks but the downgrading of haddock does not apply to any Norwegian fishing grounds. Norway is home to one of the largest haddock stocks in the world, but this is no coincidence. It takes a lot of hard work and a strict quota system to maintain.

The Good Fish Guide, published by the Marine Conservation Society states: “Depending on how and where it’s caught, this species ranges from sustainable to unsustainable. Check individual options to make the best choice.” Norway’s haddock stocks, all of which come from the North East Arctic, are classed as “good sustainable fish to eat” by the Good Fish Guide

Further support is provided by The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), which certifies haddock stocks in the North East Arctic as sustainable seafood.

Haddock is the usual fish of choice in Scotland, Yorkshire, other parts of Northern England and many parts of the Midlands. Thanks mainly to our affinity to fish & chips (around 382m portions consumed per annum from 10,500 shops), the UK is the biggest haddock market in the world, consuming around 120,000 tonnes annually. Only 30% of the haddock we eat is actually caught from UK waters, therefore there is a constant need to source outside the UK to satisfy demand – a hefty 70% comes from the Barents Sea. 

Norwegian haddock is extremely versatile – it can be baked, grilled, fried, poached or steamed. In Norway, haddock is also a common ingredient in traditional fish cakes. This is because the delicate, lean meat holds together well, which makes it particularly suitable for minced fish dishes. It is also one of the most common fish used in the ever-popular fish and chips. You can find a selection of delicious dishes in our recipes section.

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