The Frozen-At-Sea Story

The Frozen-At-Sea Story

The background to frozen-at-sea and a chance to meet our fleet of vessels. 

The idea of preparing fish at sea is not a new one. Initial attempts were made as early as 1954, and the first fully-fledged Norwegian factory trawler, Longva, was delivered to Ålesund in 1962. Today, Norge works closely with a fleet of five factory trawlers, all of which have been instrumental in making the Union Norge programme happen. They are Ramoen, Andenesfisk I, Granit, Atlantic and Frøyanes. They all fillet and freeze their catch at sea, and are committed to Norge’s principles of providing sustainable seafood of exceptional quality.

Sustainability is the fundamental principle for Norway’s management of seafood. All the target stocks of the factory vessels are well placed in the ‘safe zone’ by the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES), and the cod and haddock they catch is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

To make sure the fish you get tastes as fresh as possible, our cod and haddock fillets are produced and quick-frozen to below -20°C within a few hours of being caught. All vessels operate in accordance with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems, and are approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.


Ramoen’s crew and skipper are proud to have been serving British fish & chip shops since 1977. We will continue to supply them long into the future, and have ordered a new environmentally-friendly vessel for delivery in 2016. Our cod is caught in the cold, clear waters off Norway’s far north, near Lofoten and Svalbard islands. We carefully fillet, grade, pack and freeze the cod within six hours of being caught to lock in the Arctic freshness. We hope you enjoy your meal, from Captain Egil Skarbøvik.

Andenesfisk I
Andenesfisk has been running fishing vessels since 1963. To mark our 50 year anniversary, we built one of the most environmentally-friendly factory trawlers ever designed. And today, we proudly deliver sustainable cod to the UK, frozen at sea to lock in Arctic freshness. Enjoy your delicious fish & chips, from Captain Sigmund Røsnes.

The skippers and crew on board the Granit specialise in catching delicious white fish from Norway’s pristine Arctic waters. We’ve been doing it for decades, and take great pleasure in supplying Britain with our premium cod and haddock fillets. These are frozen at sea to lock in the Arctic freshness, and always come from sustainable sources. We hope you enjoy it, with regards from Captain Ola Inge Gronnet.

Atlantic specialises in line caught cod from the cold clear waters of Norway’s far north. Like almost all Norwegian fishing vessels, we are proud to be certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The crew fillets and freezes cod within hours of catching it, keeping it tasting as fresh as can be for the UK’s many fish & chip shops. Enjoy your meal, from Captain Kjell Gunnar Hoddevik.

On Frøyanes, we use hook and line to catch fish sustainably from Norway’s cold, clear waters. We are very proud of the excellent quality of our cod, and we take great care in filleting, freezing and packing it at sea to ensure it arrives to you in pristine condition. We hope you enjoy it, from Captain Per Kristian Røkkum.