Cod from Norway

With its delicate white colour, flaky structure and superior flavour, Norwegian cod has become popular the world over. Discover more about the fish we refer to as “white gold”...

Catching ‘White Gold’

  • Availability: Year-round
  • Size: Up to 200cm, weighing up to 60 kg
  • Catch Methods: Cod is wild-caught using many different methods…
  • Fishing Locations: Barents Sea, coastal areas
  • MSC certified: 100% of our North East Arctic cod are MSC certified.

The story of our world famous cod begins in our cold, clear waters, but it continues thanks to Norway’s sustainable fishing practices. A lot of hard work and careful management has resulted in the most plentiful and thriving cod stocks in the world. We’d love to tell you a bit more about them…


Part of Norway’s heritage

Cod has an important place in Norwegian culture. This valuable resource is available year-round and it provided the very first Norwegians with the nutrition they needed to survive the harshest of winters.We’ve been preserving this white fish since the Viking Era - it even helped to fuel the explorers of our past as they ventured to new lands.


What to look for

It's easy to spot this delicious white fish once you know what to look for. Cod is characterised by an elongated and strong body with a distinctive curved white line. It has three dorsal fins very close to the base and you'll also be able to spot a pointy chin barbel on the lower jaw.            

The colour of the fish can also tell you a lot about where it comes from. Cod from shallow water is reddish, brown or olive green with darker spots. If the fish has lived at greater depths it will be lighter and often grey in colour.


 As good for you as it tastes

Norwegian Cod is a lean fish with up to 3% fat and hardly any carbohydrates. It is an excellent source of protein, vitamins (such as B12), selenium and Iodine. A meal-sized portion of cod will also deliver your entire recommended daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids.


 Preparing fresh cod

Norwegian Cod is a favourite fried however it is extremely versatile. You could try baking, grilling, poaching or steaming your fillets. You might also spot the following preserved cod products in your supermarket:

  • Stockfish: Dried fish
  • Clipfish: Salted and dried fish
  • Saltfish: Salted fish

 These products are created to ancient recipes using all-natural ingredients – salt, time and Norway’s cooler climate.


For more information please visit our Cod Academy